BIAABrain Injury Association of America (est. 1980; Vienna, VA)
BIAABrain Injury Association of Alberta
BIAABritish Institute at Ankara (est. 1947; London, UK)
BIAAButler Institute of American Art (Youngstown, OH)
BIAABrain Injury Association of Arkansas
BIAABroadband Internet Access Act
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Visual symptoms and disabilities after a brain injury are high, but sometimes underdiagnosed, particularly if the TBI is mild or if the patient lives in a locality with fewer available rehabilitative services (Lew, 2005; BIAA, 2007).
The BIAA ordered one size, the standard size for women and children.
The BIAA consistently holds discussions regarding future orders since it is unsure when the craze might die out.
The BIAA says there are several elements contributing to the development of new housing.
The BIAA report cited "numerous state and local" regulations, "latest technologies", and "regular rigorous insurance examinations" as evidence of industry's commitment to safety.
The BIAA panel found "the risk of brain injury from a roller coaster is not in the rides.
Catalhoyuk Perspectives: reports from the 1995-99 seasons by members of the Catalhoyuk teams (Catalhoyuk Research Project Volume 6/ BIAA Monograph 40).
BIAA is correctly pointing out through its advocacy that concussions are TBIs, with the potential for serious, debilitating and long-term effects.
Rather, it is an overview of work undertaken under the auspices of the BIAA and therefore deals only with British research, which has concentrated on certain aspects of Anatolian archaeology such as prehistory and the classical/Byzantine periods.