BIACBusiness and Industry Advisory Committee
BIACBrussels International Airport Company
BIACBritish Institute of Agricultural Consultants
BIACBanque Internationale pour l'Afrique au Congo (French: International Bank for Africa in Congo)
BIACBrain Injury Association of Colorado (est. 1995)
BIACBrain Injury Association of Connecticut
BIACBankruptcy and Insolvency Advisory Committee
BIACBrain Injury Association of California
BIACBroadband Integrated Access Controller (Sprint)
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41] A month earlier, BIAC had complained that the MAI draft had fundamental shortcomings and had lost sight of the original objectives.
We at the BIAC decided to focus our activities on centres of strong economic growth and as such, Katanga and the mining industry could not be ignored.
Achieving membership of the BIAC is certainly a high point.
Headed by the renowned president of the Association Congolaise des Banques, Michel Losembe, BIAC is pursuing its ambitions, bringing the national banking sector in its wake.
the central IT development and services companies Central Point and BIAC
USCIB is BIAC's representative in the United States and regularly fields American industry experts for BIAC and OECD activities.
On Monday (20 December) the European Union cleared Australian airport operator Macquarie Airports' purchase of a 70% stake in Belgian airport operator BIAC.
Macquarie Airports' experienced management team will work close[y with BIAC to add value to the business.
These pan-African banks are diversifying the local supply and shaking up the "traditional" banks such as the BCDC, present since 1909, Citigroup, the Banque Congolaise and the BIAC (successor of the former Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique de l'Ouest, known as the BIAO).
9) Business organizations from many non-OECD countries participate in BIAC as Observers.