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The JPSTs are composed of contingents from the AFP, the PNP, and the BIAF who will help maintain peace and order and the stability of the areas mutually identified by the GPH and the MILF, explained Joint Peace and Security Committee Co-Chairman, PNP General Diosdado Ramos.
At the BIAF we are absolutely aware that history and knowledge are our strongest points.
Jorn Gunther Rare Books, making its debut at the BIAF this year, has an extremely rare French manuscript translation of Boccaccio's De Casibus Virorum Illustrium (1355-74); here, the cautionary tales of the fates of famous individuals are depicted in gothic illuminations of c.
With BIAF, Fraport mastered the logistic requirements of a leading air-traffic hub and its periphery.
Arabs stars including Nancy Ajram, Sulafa Mimar and Kuwaiti Nawal pose together at the BIAF.
Both the government and the MILF have also agreed that former BIAF members and soldiers jointly work for the prevention of loose firearms, by targeting private armed groups in the southern Philippines, said Sadain.
The deal signed in Kuala Lumpur includes an annex called normalisation, which centred on the decommissioning of BIAF weapons and the fate of the MILF fighters.
According to the BIAF official, an investigation into the incident is necessary in order to do away with speculation over the incident.
Bravo Macaapar, one of the three MILF commanders who was earlier associated with Kato, sent an emissary and urged Kato to "return to BIAF," during a meeting in the mountains of Maguindanao on April 22, said Luwaran.