BIAGBiomedical Industry Advisory Group (lobbying group)
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On the one hand, Alden handled the major dances Lupa for Biag, Hangin for Kris-Belle Paclibar-Mamangun, Apoy for Sonny Locsin (who flew in from Germany to join ELEMENTOS), and Tubig for the three highly-skilled dancers.
Kris-Belle Paclibar- Mamangun, Sonny Locsin and Biag Gaongen perform 'Tubig,' choreographed by Alden Lugnasin, in 'Elementos,' directed by Agnes Locsin
Biag's two minor children, who only reported the incident at around 9:45 p.m., told police that their father was taken inside a black sedan, Flores added.
The BIAG meets on a quarterly basis and has been extremely helpful in the development of resources and activities that better connect business and industry with CTE.
This he said to the media here on Thursday after Election Commission announced the winners of the Local body Elections as for the village council 51 district Nowshehra Zando Banda Javeed Khan as Nazim and Zubir Khan as deputy Nazim, two women as Zoja Hazrat Mohammad and Zoja Raj Mohammad and for general councilors as Ali Khan, Muhammad Khan, Fazal Waheed, Afzal Biag, Roidar Khan and Shah Janhan for Kissan as Mia Sayed Faqir and for Youth Dawor Khan as councilor were elected
Enver Biag said that BISP beneficiaries will be able to make themselves economically strong due to this historical agreement.
The fighting began between the rival gangs on Wednesday night in Shah Biag Lane, Nawa Lane, Tannery Lane, Aflah Road, Ali Mohammad Mohalla, Sango Lane, Chakiwara, and Behar Colony.
Biag et al., "Biphasic direct current shift, haemoglobin desaturation and neurovascular uncoupling in cortical spreading depression," Brain, vol.
Believing that the land is Kabunian's gift to the race and the wellspring of all life (poon ti biag), the Igorot revere the land as sacred.
ADPnews) - Oct 15, 2009 - The creditors committee of insolvent investment company Bruck-Invest Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs AG (BIAG) wants to sue executives and two investment managers in connection with the firm's collapse.
NSWNA members Cherisse Morgan AiN (left) and Leah Biag AiN broke out the cake at Forest View Nursing Home in Chatswood.