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BIAKBrain Injury Association of Kentucky
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Major Chenery said that because lumber was so hard to get at Biak, supply might have to fly lumber from here for Colonel Brownfield's house on Biak.
The weather in Biak is cloudy and raining in the afternoon, the night and toward the morning with a temperature of 24-30 degrees Celsius and humidity of 74-98 pct.
As a result, Higgins' long-planned trip to Biak to discuss political issues with its leaders became an opportunity to also represent her family.
The Biak Island artefact is remarkably similar to stemmed tools found on Garua Island, just offshore from New Britain, but, surprisingly, it was made instead from obsidian that outcrops on Lou Island (Figures 1 and 11).
If all remains of Japanese soldiers are taken away, in the next few years there will be nothing to attract tourists to Biak,'' lamented one such resident.
CIC agents were subsequently involved in combat operations at Saidor, the Admiralties, Finschhafen, Oro Bay, Aitape, Hollandia, Wakde-Sarmi, Sansapor, Biak, Morotai, the Solomons, New Caledonia, Bougainville, and New Britain, prior to their heavy involvement in the Philippines.
In April 1944, after a refitting period back at Finchhaven, Herrings 596th SAW battalion sailed aboard an LST (landing ship tank) to support the invasion of Biak.
With mostly oblique references to oppression and no mention of large-scale atrocities such as the Biak massacre, the film in my opinion downplays the severity of the situation and the brutality of the occupying forces.
Many injured were evacuated to a hospital on the nearby island of Biak.
Smirnova, Hayakawa e Itoh (2000), han aplicado los metodos de fractales en el analisis de series de tiempo para buscar firmas precursoras de terremotos, con los datos ULF obtenidos en regiones sismo activas durante los terremotos de Guam en agosto 8 de 1993 (Ms8) y el terremoto de Biak de febrero 17 de 1996 (Ms8).
The rain and the gloom were not unwelcome; Biak Mail said to me that he guessed that this was what snow-season felt like.
During World War II he served in New Guinea; Biak Island; Luzon, the Philippines; and Yokohama, Japan.