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Both surveys were presented as panel discussions--the legal survey at the June 2018 BIALL annual conference in Birmingham, and the academic survey on Sept.
Effects of Political Variables on Trade Flows Estimated Coefficient (Standard Error) Independent Variables Militarized interstate dispute (MIDL) .016 (.090) Similarity of relations (TAUL) 1.448(***) (.365) Democratic dyad (DEMDL) 1.221(***) (.131) Alliance under multipolarity (MULTIALL) -.180 (.157) Alliance under bipolarity (BIALL) -.497(a) (.160) Control Variables GNP of the exporter (GNPIL) .557(***) (.076) Population of the exporter (POPIL) -.184 (.176) GNP of the importer (GNPJL) .308(***) (.044) Population of the importer (POPJL) -.693(***) (.058) Distance between nations (DISTANCL) -.277(***) (.025) [R.sup.2] = .78.
She's actually no stranger to the information profession; in an address to the British & Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) in 2006, she argued that there need be no conflict between the requirement to protect the public purse and the democratic goals of making the law accessible to all, and that it was possible to do both.