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BIASBiometric Identity Assurance Services
BIASBack In A Second
BIASBerkeley Integrated Audio Software
BIASBristol Industrial Archaeological Society (UK)
BIASBremer Institut fur Angewandte Strahltechnik (Bremen Institute for Applied Jet Technology)
BIASBattlefield Illumination Assistance System
BIASBattlefield Illumination Airborne System
BIASBatam International Association of Scuba Divers
BIASBurroughs Integrated Adaptive System
BIASBiological Interference With Acoustic System
BIASBuoy-Integrated Antenna System
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Unconscious bias training interventions commence by making the individual aware of the existence of this bias, its influence on their behaviour and the harmful consequences arising out of this behaviour.
Most of the time, implicit bias refers to when people show negative associations towards people of a different race.
"We designed a full-day, multi-track program that satisfies hard-to-obtain CLE requirements for technology and ethics/bias elimination and allows lawyers to attend the presentations that are the most relevant to them, including practice-based sessions on the concerns of corporate clients, representing clients with mental health issues, and combating jurors' implicit bias," Maxey-Fisher said.
If each of the three sections warrants a figure of 50 then this would indicate there was no bias for that race.
While radial technology outperforms bias in many instances (justifying the increased cost), bias tires, when used in the proper application, can provide significant cost savings and performance benefits over radial--proving the latest isn't always the greatest.
Students were asked to address their unconscious bias by taking a quiz that identifies implicit associations--covertly held beliefs about a group of people.
The researchers use the Implicit Association Test (IAT) score to measure managers' bias toward ethnic minority workers.
Using the store-tracked performance metrics, the researchers found that minority cashiers performed worse under biased than under unbiased managers, while the performance of non-minority cashiers was not affected by manager bias. Minority cashiers scanned items slower during shifts under biased managers and they took more time between customers.
The ambiguity bias leads you to select the choice that is least ambiguous, the choice that is most certain (Chew et al., 2012; Ellsberg, 1961, 2001).
The social media giant's class on managing unconscious bias already addressed racial bias, age bias, gender bias and national bias, and it will now include political bias.
"A person with present-biased preferences may intend to save more in the future but never do so," the study states, adding, "a person with exponential-growth bias will underestimate the returns to savings and the costs of holding debt."
[Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] deposition on this substrate was conducted by application of a pulsed bias to substrates using a universal source (HP3245A; Agilent Technologies Inc.).