BIAUBrain Injury Association of Utah
BIAUBrain Injury Alliance of Utah
BIAUBrain Image Analysis Unit (est. 1996; UK)
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Further, more extensive research, possibly utilising face-to-face, semi-structured interviews should be conducted using a larger, random sample to produce generalisable results (Biau et al., 2008).
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The role of the modern translator has clearly shifted to post-editing, as Biau Gil and Pym (2006) pointed out: "Our translations might thus be expected to move away from the ideal of equivalence between fixed texts, becoming more like one set of revisions ...
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Going 'the full Cymraeg', he scratches the words 'Ni sydd biau fe nawr' - 'We own him now' - into the stone walls of his study and starts babbling in tongues (or possibly a heavy Valleys twang): "Please mister preacher man, pray for God to help me.
According to Biau and Biau, corruption in public institutions in Kenya has been a telling indicator of wider governance-related problems, such as lack of democratic space for Kenyan citizens and insufficient government interest in political reform.
Bowker (2005), as mentioned, has warned against a sort of 'blind faith' (over-reliance on TMs) and error propagation, while Pym and Biau Gil (2006; cf.
Social exchange theory Relational governance Johnston et ai (SET) mechanisms (2004), Biau (1964), Emerson such as trust and Prahinski and (1962), commitment can Benton Dwyer et al.