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BIBBBundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (German: Federal Institute for Vocational Training)
BIBBBiological Basis of Behavior
BIBBBag in a Beautiful Box
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In the Palladium case, nobody knew the facts and evidence as well as Bibb. He had met the witnesses, he had spent hours sizing them up, he had lived with the case for two years.
"It's too early to quantify results," explains Bibb, "but the banks are tracking these customers and their total relationship balances monthly and the early results are encouraging."
Bibb calls himself an investment banker and media specialist but he also seems to feel himself qualified to offer us his medical diagnosis.
Bibb clearly hasn't interviewed Turner for his book, and perhaps the record is so complete, and so colorful, he didn't need to.
Bibb wasn't nominated for an award, but she's an accomplished actress in her own right.
Bibb Falk went on to a strong career in major league baseball.
The Sage's (Hall 1) Monday night guest, velvetvoiced Eric Bibb, is a well travelled man who has racked-up more than his share of air miles.
New signing Terry Newton and Kyle Bibb are also doubtful for the trip to the Stoop.
And if you really want to be a fashion victim go for those bold and bright bibb necklaces.
Where they live is Bibb County, a mid-city district in Georgia with an unusual bent: While many U.S.
Homeownership among foreign-born Latinos rose 40 percent in 1999 and is expected to increase to 50 percent by 2010, according to Buck Bibb, National City Mortgage's chief executive officer.
With Michael Bibb excellent as the irritatingly eccentric Holmes, the play follows the surprisingly stormy relationship between the detective and his assistant Dr Watson (Christopher Dobson) with a fantastic cameo from Anne Wood as Holmes' long-suffering housekeeper.