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BIBIBenthic Index of Biotic Integrity
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He showed nothing of his mind when Father Victor, for three long mornings, discoursed to him of an entirely new set of Gods and Godlings - notably of a Goddess called Mary, who, he gathered, was one with Bibi Miriam of Mahbub Ali's theology.
Rescue team rushed the injured to Lady Reading Hospital where Sana Bibi and Kainat succumbed to their injuries.
Abu Mazen: Forgive me Bibi, you are such a hypocrite, I don't trust you period.
Bibi will focus on representing both local and national retail brands; and leveraging his existing relationships with prominent New York landlords, developers and entrepreneurs for the firm's agency assignments.
According to the BBC, after the incident the 30-year woman's father surrendered before the police, but her brothers and former fiancee, who also stone Bibi to death, escaped.
How has Bibi gone about getting America to fight Israel's war?
What is thought to be the world's longest animal "marriage" first looked shaky when Bibi bit off part of Poldi's shell.
Giant tortoises Bibi and Poldi have shared the same cage for 115 years -- 36 of those spent at a zoo in Klagenfurt, Austria, which they currently call home, and a zoo in Basel, Switzerland.
Holding her three year old granddaughter in her arms, Bibi adjusted her hijab and launched into a narrative that began during the Soviet occupation.
And the two Bibis work together, you know," Borisov said with a smile, causing a hearty laugh among the audience.
Bibi, who was forced into an abusive marriage aged16, had been sentenced to mutilation a year ago by a Taliban court for simply running away.
But Mohammad Salim, the local cleric at the mosque who filed the original charge against Bibi, denied the claims and said there have been no threats against the woman or her family.