BIBNBermuda International Business Network
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The subjects were randomly assigned to receive intravenous infusions of either placebo or one of several doses of BIBN 4096 BS.
Similarly, the use of rescue medications was lower in those who received BIBN 4096 BS than in those who received placebo.
At all dose levels, the difference in response between BIBN 4096 BS and placebo became evident within 30 minutes of starting the infusion.
Durham, Ph.D., called the CGRP antagonists "very promising." Treatment response to BIBN 4096 BS may prove to be even greater in clinical trials, in which patients can be treated during the earliest phases of a migraine attack, than they were in this pilot study, in which treatment was initiated up to 6 hours after migraine onset, he noted (N.
Unlike migraine drugs that constrict blood vessels, BIBN 4096 BS doesn't seem to affect blood vessels in the heart or elsewhere outside the brain, says Paul L.
"The Irish liaison officer, for example, will be the link between the BIS and other Irish associations in Bahrain such as the Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Club and the Bahrain Irish Business Network (BIBN)," he said.
MANAMA: The Bahrain Irish Business Network (BIBN) hosted its first meeting of 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manama.