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June is also Caribbean Heritage Month, so we explore how Caribbean women writers are enhancing the Caribbean literary canon in companion essays by BIBR Managing Editor Clarence V.
I also must sadly acknowledge the passing of a member of the BIBR extended family, Judy Dothard Simmons, who died on May 6 of congestive heart failure in her hometown of Anniston, Alabama.
As we move closer to marking the first decade of BIBR, we continue to commit ourselves to excellence.
We are thankful for the authors who remained faithful and continued to visit Black Images after becoming national best-selling authors" Rodgers told BIBR.
Fred Beauford, a BIBR contributing editor, is the author of five novels, including The King of Macy's (Morton Books, Inc.
BIBR values our readers' opinions and welcomes comments.
With the success that Bill Cox and BIBR achieved, the dreams of all those who had dedicated themselves to a serious, sustainable cultural publication were taken to the next level.
This past January, when Bill called to say that he was looking for someone who could assume ownership of BIBR, I expressed interest without a moment's hesitation.
Prior to your BIBR feature, we have seen ourselves listed in articles, with our media coverage in fragments here and there; but never before in our 15-year modern-day publishing history have we seen ourselves listed as one--our strength and numbers for all to behold.
Southgate told BIBR she was "thrilled of course" about the film project.
Herb Boyd is an author and frequent contributor to BIBR.
The answer is that we at BIBR believe that these individuals, and the dozens of others who are not on the list but mentioned in our cover story (page 20) are history makers, and we salute them.