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BIBRABritish Industrial Biological Research Association
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Voisin P, Bibra P, Goethals M, Masse P and Weissland T, 2002, Eccentric concentric isokinetic evaluation of trunk vs.
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[30] Bibra working group, "CAS Registry Number: 121-33-5 Toxicity Effects: The British Industrial Biological Research Association 8," 1990,
By not recognizing the human elements that can occur within an organization and how organizational culture may compound the many complex issues, projects are doomed to fail, especially if there is a lack of leadership, support staff, and understanding the "real" issues within an organization (Kraatz, Lyons, & Tomkinson, 2010; Dunnigan, John, Scott, Von Bibra, & Walling, 2010).
The company's corporate offices and production facilities are located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA, with additional test facilities situated in Bibra Lake in western Australia.
The biological activity of the all four best fit predicted molecules is very poorly documented in several databases including 'The Bibra Toxicity Profiles' which documents critical reviews on the most pertinent toxicological data published on commercially important chemicals.
A few years later Ernst Freiherr von Bibra published the renowned Narcotics and the Human Being, devoting thirty pages to the therapeutic use of cannabis preparations and hashish (Von Bibra 1855).
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The late Judy Jackson spent a long time in the 1940s and '50s visiting relatives camping in the wetlands around Walliabup (Bibra Lake).
153) under interrogation of Muntzer's visit to him in Bibra and the battle of Frankenhausen.
After linking Hutterite history to biblical history and that of the early church before its "fall" under Constantine the Great, the chronicler writes that the Brethren emerged from a series of schisms and relocations that began with a conflict in 1526 between a pacifist group led by Hans Hut of Bibra and a non-pacifist group founded by Balthasar Hubmaier in the town of Nikolsburg (Mikulov) in southern Moravia.