BIBRIBody Image Betrayal and Related Issues
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(Bibri, 2018) The smart city supplies higher quality ways out for urban zones which are booming at an amazing tempo.
(Bibri, 2018) Smart cities are a fashionable notion as they may catalyze a sustainable and harmonious urban future.
Build Illinois bonds are secured by a first priority pledge of the state share of sales tax revenues up to the amounts needed annually to meet debt service requirements, as well as a lien on the moneys in the fund (BIBRI) that receives monthly transfers of the state share of sales tax revenues.
(Bibri, 2018) A smart city system pursues a smooth and reliable link of sensors, actuators, and information processing resources to provide digital, coherent, and secure services.
(Bibri, 2018) Prevalence of smart city services are effected by the networking of communication and sensing technologies, while their soundness and flexibility require adapted security and privacy ways out.
(Bibri, 2018) Significant frequency and amount of big data entailed in the smart city necessitate sustainable statistical projection while preserving its representation for generating real-time inferencing and analytical outcomes.
(Bibri, 2018) Information modeling transformed into remarkably appropriate patterns for inferencing and analytics represents a demanding and expensive undertaking (Georgiou and Rocco, 2017; Grossman, 2018; Havu, 2017; Michailidou, 2017; Nica et al., 2017; Ohanyan and Androniceanu, 2017; Popescu, 2018; Sion, 2018a, b) taking into account time limitations.
(Bibri, 2018) The smart-city trend will progress from the tech-oriented phase to the decision-led one.
(Bibri, 2018) The notion of smart city is attained via realtime city associated intelligent decisions by examining the data collected from diverse smart urban systems, harnessing masses of linked sensors and devices that produce massive quantities of swift streaming information.