BICABritish Infertility Counselling Association
BICABighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
BICABest In Class Award
BICABay Islands Conservation Association
BICABulletin of Information on Computing and Anthropology (UK)
BICABuilding Industry Credit Association
BICABiologically-Inspired Cognitive Architecture
BICABulgarian Investment Consulting Agency Ltd
BICABackground Information and Contact Assessment (UK)
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Al Khouri said: "This MoU will be the base for an ongoing strategic partnership and future collaboration between AUH and BICA.
The computational neuroscience view (represented by Stephen Grossberg) is that BICA should parsimoniously explain in detail how the brain works in the rich and unpredictable real world.
Norton led the BICA for over fifty years, only relinquishing control upon his death in 1948.
According to Dale Mayfield, vice president of marketing for Masonite, the BICA helps strengthen the company's brand awareness in the marketplace.
The objective of this BICA symposium was to explore how the development of BICA may allow for a deeper understanding of the biological underpinnings of human cognitive and learning skills and, therefore, move the field of AI and machine learning to a breakthrough.
Integrity had previously been honored with a BICA award for composite windows.
This information comes after BIA, BCCI, BICA and CEIBG, the four main organizations, <a href="http://www.
40 252308624 , In atentia: d-nei Camelia BICA , Email: camelia.
Vasil Velev, who heads employer organization BICA, has told NOVA TV that up to 107 000 people migt be left jobless over the course of a year if the previous prices is not reintroduced.
BICA Chair Vasil Velev vowed new protests in September, unless the calls of the employersa associations were heard.
Asked to comment on a forthcoming substantial power price hike for industrial consumers, the BICA Chair declared that the industry going bankrupt was a much scarier scenario than the state-owned power utility going bankrupt.
Representatives of the BIA, the CEIBG, the BCCI, and the BICA suggest that the government should examine their proposals for bridging the energy sector deficit instead of blocking the work of the industry through high electricity prices before the liberalization of the electricity market.