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BICCBusiness Intelligence Competency Center (SAS Consulting)
BICCBearer Independent Call Control
BICCBeijing International Convention Center
BICCBiomedical Information Communication Center (Oregon Health & Science University)
BICCBattlefield Information Coordination Center
BICCBattlefield Information Control Center
BICCBuilt-In China Cabinets (real estate)
BICCBusiness Integration Competency Center
BICCBurns Interagency Communications Center (Hines, Oregon)
BICCBrethren in Christ Church (various locations)
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In addition to the Iranian oil and gas sector, meetings are scheduled between BICC and Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, private banking and the legal sectors.
The seminar at Gulf Industry Fair provides an excellent platform for us to share and discuss our knowledge on recommendations and guidance for power and control cable systems that is required to maintain circuit integrity for these critical applications," BICC MET Bahrain general manager Ulhas Menon said.
The Analyzer supports SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, M2PA, SUA, IUA, BICC, INAP, CAMEL, ICMP, MAP, TUP, TCAP, SCCP and more.
During the years 1997-1999, he served as President of BICC Brand-Rex, and from 1998 to 1999 as President and Chief Executive Officer of BICC Cables Corp.
Nene had been banded by the Hawai'i Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) at BICC and Hakalau Forest NWR as part of ongoing management efforts.
Sphinx, a private equity firm established by Citadel Capital in 2004, said the sellers had made a 38 percent internal rate of return on their investment in BICC.
A consortium led by Karnak Investment Fund - managed through Sphinx Egypt, a Cairo-based private equity firm established by Citadel Capital with over $250 million in funds under management - completed the exit from BICC by selling to Spain's General Cable.
By embracing the BICC concept and adopting an end-to-end BI platform, companies can implement a complete program for continuous performance improvement across the business, which is a must to stay afloat amidst the present economic crisis," said Carel Badenhorst, Head of Technology Practice, SAS - Middle East.
BICC is still a customer, despite demolition of the main factory.
Coverage of the 10th round of the season at the BICC in Bournemouth, featuring Phil Taylor v Terry Jenkins, Colin Lloyd v Adrian Lewis, Roland Scholten v Dennis Priestley and Peter Manley v Raymond van Barneveld.
South Tyneside Council has given the green light for Taylor Woodrow to construct 142 houses and 72 flats at the former Wailes Dove and BICC Pyrotenax site in Hedgeley Road, Hebburn.
BICC makes the case for a comprehensive understanding of the concept of human security, recognizing that security cannot be achieved without the elimination of poverty.