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BICEBureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (US Department of Homeland Security)
BICEBoard on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment
BICEBureau International Catholique de l'Enfance (French: International Catholic Child Bureau)
BICEBasel Institute for Clinical Epidemiology
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In order to receive the advisory fee for the IRA, the adviser will need to comply with the ICS requirements of the BICE.
NAFA has maintained throughout the rulemaking process that both fixed rate and fixed indexed annuities should be subject to PTE 84-24 under the rule, and we have argued that the decision to switch fixed indexed annuities to the BICE reflected a fundamental misunderstanding by the Department regarding the features and similarities of these two types of fixed annuities.
Bice will produce the film along with director Staci Layne Wilson, daughter of The Ventures co-founder Don Wilson, and producers Tim Wilson, Evan Hesse and Tony Fenton.
In the context of the fiduciary rule, soft dollar arrangements can sound the death knell for advisors seeking to utilize the streamlined level-fee fiduciary BICE.
Investors unwilling to sign the BICE and unprepared to pay upfront or out-of-pocket fees may also forgo advisory services.
We are the first state in the nation to be giving the ACT Aspire assessment to all students in grades 3-8," said Bice at the announcement in April.
Her brother said he would like to make the Bice Group itself a greener company.
The city's one restaurant claiming to be western-owned is BiCE, which says it is part of the BiCE Ristorante chain based in Milan, Italy.
BiCE, a posh Italian restaurant in New York, is confident that its rich patrons will spend more than 2,000 dollars for a dish of homemade tagliolini, two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, wild mushrooms and a generous shaving of black truffle, all served on a limited-edition gold-leaf plate designed by the late Gianni Versace, which diners can take home, the New York Daily News reported.
12 June 2012 - Quality Distribution Inc (NASDAQ:QLTY), the US operator of a chemical bulk tank truck network, said on Tuesday it had finalised the purchase of the operating assets and rights of Wylie Bice Trucking LLC and RM Resources LLC for an aggregate USD81.
Seafood speciality restaurant BiCE Mare is doing an Italian job for the month of April -- and you would be a fool to miss it.
They will automatically be entered into the raffle draw by spending BD20 at Maki, BiCE Ristorante, Abdel Wahab, Golestan or Soie.