BICEPPBusiness and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and Preparedness (Los Angeles, CA)
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The Chapter is packaging the foundation of the BICEPP program into the "Planning 4 Disaster" CD-ROM, which has been developed as a user-friendly, self-paced learning course that requires no special training to operate.
Additionally, the Cleveland BICEPP program will hold its 4th annual Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Conference at Cleveland's International Exhibition (IX) Center on Wednesday, April 10, 2002.
The cost of the full-day conference, including a comprehensive proceeding binder, continental breakfast and a networking lunch, is $125 for BICEPP members and $175 for nonmembers.
The American Red Cross, Greater Cleveland Chapter, is committed to helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters and in 1993 established the BICEPP program to help organizations minimize the impact of business interruption through contingency planning.