BICERBureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations (Taiwan)
BICERBaikal International Centre for Ecological Research (Russia)
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Heiner Klokkers takes over as chairman of the Management Board, while Taner Bicer has been named to the Management Board of MHM Holding GmbH.
Taner Bicer, who has been in charge of technology management for UV inks and coatings at hubergroup since 2014, was appointed to the Management Board of MHM Holding GmbH with effect from Jan.
The result is an increase in blood flow and cardiac outflow, an increase in heartbeat, an increase in systolic pressure, a decrease in diastolicity, an increase in pulse (Akil, Kara, Bicer ve Acat, 2011).
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Desde entao, diversos estudo cientifico tem sido realizados a fim de conhecer e estabelecer fatores pertinentes ao rendimento esportivo, tais como o nutricional (Gomes, Ribeiro e Soares, 2005, 2006), o fisico (Ozkan e colaboradores, 2012; Simim e colaboradores, 2013, 2014; Yazicioglu e colaboradores, 2007; Wieczorek e colaboradores, 2015), tecnico-tatico (Genc, 2007; Simim, Silva e Mota, 2015) e o psicologico (Bicer, 2007; Lowther, Lane e Lane, 2002; Simim e colaboradores, 2010).