BICESBattlefield Information, Collection, & Exploitation System
BICESBuilding Inspection and Code Enforcement System (software)
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4ID's BICES capability continues to grow on Fort Carson with over 60 users and will become even more important as the Division's forward deployed Mission Command Element develops closer ties with NATO Allies involved in OAR.
In 2010 European Command recognized the need to employ BICES rapidly throughout the theater since "other NATO countries have been using the system for years"; nevertheless, the AOC possessed only one BICES terminal.
This event looks at the progress, needs and challenges of the International Partner Action Group, US BICES, and the Mission Partner Network.
The ability to provide an open source data sharing and interoperability tool directly to our international partners is something we are happy to support," said Rich Radcliffe, Director of US BICES and International Intelligence Programs at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.
announced today that it will introduce three major products at the BICES Construction show in Beijing, China.
BICES makes use of a dedicated communications network with bulk encryption devices.