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Louis High School Choir (Surabaya, Indonesia) represent the SICF while Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran (Bandung, Indonesia) and e Deum Voice (Medan, Indonesia) represent the BICF. For the AOVICC, it is The Brawijaya University Student Choir (Malang, Indonesia) and the UP Los Baaos Choral Ensemble (Laguna, Philippines), the lone Filipino choir.
Workshops are planned during January 2011 to ratify the BICF Charter, confirm the Business Strategy and Operational Models and approve the Architecture for the Forum and eBusiness solutions.
(BICF) is launching an assistance program for indigent patients, offering them free prescription drugs.
"As a maker of lifesaving medicines, we want to help patients who cannot afford their medicines," explains Pamela DeMala, BICF president.
Workshops are planned to ratify the BICF Charter, confirm the business strategy and operational models and approve the architecture for the forum and eBusiness solutions.