BICISBanque Internationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie du Sénégal (French: International Bank for Trade and Industry of Senegal; Senegal)
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Through this partnership, Sonatel and BICIS are acting on their commitment to help ensure access to banking services for all, offering a reliable, fast and secure service for handling all day-to-day banking transactions.
With national pride still suffering from the decision to devalue Senegal's currency by 50% earlier this year, the apparently high-handed approach of the French bankers towards their Senegalese partners in BICIS unleashed a wave of protest against perceived French arrogance.
When the Senegalese Director-General of the French owned BICIS bank was replaced by a Frenchman, a series of all-out strikes threatened to bring business to a complete standstill.
Others still maintain that the controlling European interest in BICIS be bought out, not by the state but by private Senegalese investors.
Whatever the final outcome of the BICIS dispute, resentment at such blatant French interference in the economy will not disappear lightly.
Our support for BICIS will help food importers increase volume, and exporters of cash crops to support the livelihood of many small farmers in Senegal.