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BICMOSBipolar Cmos
BICMOSBipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
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Zimmermann, "Low-power BiCMOS optical receiver with voltage-controlled transimpedance," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol.
Because of the BiCMOS process employed, the log amplifier can easily be constructed using BJT transistors.
Finally, the adjustment capability of the introduced resistor is useful in electronic circuit designs and the circuit is rather convenient for bipolar and BiCMOS IC realizations.
The 12 GHz VCO1 with proposed technique is implemented based on Jazz 0.18 [micro]m SiGe 1P6M BiCMOS process with only CMOS devices.
SiGe BiCMOS provides access to high-speed bipolar transistors on the same die as standard CMOS, enabling a class of circuitry which marries extreme performance with large-scale integration.
Stressing computer tools throughout, with SPICE examples and exercises in every chapter, the book covers principles of digital circuits and their attributes, including bipolar, MESFET, MOS, and BiCMOS circuits, and their manufacture, testing, interfacing, and packaging.
TABLE 1 Termination Length by Family MAX LINE MAX LINE LENGTH LENGTH --INNER --OUTER DEVICE TYPE RISETIME (in./mm) (in./mm) Standard TTL 5.0 nSec 7.27/185 9.23/235 Schottky TTL 3.0 nSec 4.36/111 5.54/141 10K ECL 2.5 nSec 3.63/92 4.62/117 ASTTL 1.9 nSec 2.76/70 3.51 /89 FTTL 1.2 nSec 1.75/44 2.22/56 BICMOS 0.7 nSec 1.02/26 1.29/33 10KH ECL 0.7 nSec 1.02/26 1.29/33 100K ECL 0.5 nSec .730/18 .923/23 GaAs 0.3 nSec .440/11 .554/14 Other 0.1 nSec 0.15/4 0.18/5 Note: Approximation calculated assuming a nominal Er = 4.1 * Table published by Rick Hartley in his High Speed Design Presentations
Tiiliharju and K Halonen, "A Direct-conversion BICMOS Mixer for GHz Applications," The 8th Electronics, Circuits and Systems Conference Digest, Vol.
"Advances in electronics technology are enabling a host of new implantable applications, and this design draws on three of those trends: ultra low power consumption provided by cost effective CMOS/ BiCMOS processes; enhanced radio performance through lean microcontroller and low-power DSP digital cores; and extreme miniaturization enabled by system-on-chip integration capabilities," says Richard Traherne, head of Cambridge Consultants' wireless business unit.
Utilizing extremely high-performance BiCMOS processing, Sipex's products lead or match all competitors in key parameters such as bandwidth, settling times and output noise.
It features high simulation throughput and capacity for multi-million transistor designs and simulation accuracy for the most advanced IC processes technologies in CMOS, BiCMOS, and SOI.