BICUBluefields Indian and Caribbean University (Nicaragua)
BICUBurn Intensive Care Unit
BICUBehavioral Intensive Care Unit (various locations)
BICUBridge Iron Cooperative Union (Japan)
BICUBus Integration Computer Unit
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The SNPs call for dual Scottish-British nationality fits within the BICU model - I want to have both Welsh and British nationality also.
Exclusion criteria included age <14 years, admission diagnosis of toxic epidermal necrolysis, electrical injuries and a stay in the BICU <3 days, leaving 1 243 patients for further analysis.
As a result, the foundation has transported children with severe burns to this pediatric BICU for medical care, hence accounting for the large number of Spanish-speaking patients and families at this burn center.
Por otra parte, se encuentran numerosas evidencias de la importancia de la personalidad en la esquizofrenia, pudiendo los rasgos de personalidad predecir el inicio de la enfermedad (Hogg, Jackson, Rudd y Edwards, 1990; Malmberg, Lewis, David y Allebeck, 1998), el curso del trastorno (Dingemans, Lenior y Linszen, 1998) y las recaidas (Gleeson, Rawlings, Jackson y McGorry, 2005), y relacionarse con la presencia de sintomatologia psicotica (Cuesta, Gil, Artamendi, Serrano y Peralta, 2002; Guillem, Bicu, Semkovska y Debruille, 2002; Lysaker, Bell, Kaplan, Greig y Bryson, 1999).
(5) The average length of stay (LOS) in the burns intensive care unit (BICU) is approximately 1 day per % TBSA burned.
We wish to thank to the members of Proyecto Biodiversidad de las Universidades de las Regiones Autonomas de la Costa Caribena Nicaraguense (URACCAN), Centro de Investigacion y Documentacion de la Costa Atlantica (CIDCA) and Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU) for logistic support and collaboration in many ways.
An interpretive study was conducted to describe practices pediatric burn intensive care unit (BICU) nurses engaged in to help children holistically heal.
* SIR - I recently proposed a new type of settlement where each of the four nations of Britain could be independently constituted as nation states yet members of a "British Isles customs union", or BICU (Letters, October 22).