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BIDBis In Die (Latin: Twice a Day)
BIDBusiness Improvement District
BIDBreak(ing) It Down
BIDBugtraq ID (software vulnerability tracking)
BIDBanco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Spanish: Inter-American Development Bank; Washington, DC)
BIDBusiness in Development
BIDBanco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (Portuguese: Inter-American Development Bank; Washington, DC)
BIDBeth Israel Deaconess (Boston hospital)
BIDBasic Interior Design
BIDBuilding Inspection Division (various locations)
BIDBurn It Down (band)
BIDBulk Image Downloader (software)
BIDBanque Interaméricaine de Développement (French: Inter-American Development Bank; est. 1959; Washington, DC)
BIDBuffer Id
BIDBuilt in Diagnostics
BIDBlock Identifier
BIDBulk Information Device
BIDBlack Ice Defender
BIDBanque Islamique de Développement (French: Islamic Development Bank; est. 1975; Saudi Arabia)
BIDBackground Information Document
BIDBusiness Initiative Directions (Spain)
BIDBinary Integer Decimal
BIDBusiness Identification
BIDBadan Informasi Daerah (Indonesian: Agency for Regional Information)
BIDBlackICE Defender (Network ICE Corporation security software)
BIDBrought in Dead (medical)
BIDBachelor of Industrial Design
BIDBuilt-In Diagnostics
BIDBureau of Immigration and Deportation (Philippines)
BIDBibliothek & Information Deutschland
BIDBachelor of Interior Design
BIDBid Issue Date
BIDBuoyancy Induced Dispersion
BIDBilling Identifier
BIDBalance Identification
BIDBlow-In Door
BIDBlock Interconnect Diagrams
BIDBlock Interaction Diagram (ITU-T)
BIDBeginning of Intensive Disintegration
BIDBusiness Integrated Division
BIDBilling & Invoice Development
BIDBetterment Improvement District
BIDBellevue Index of Depression
BIDBrazilian Infantry Division
BIDBroker Insurance Document (UK)
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He bids the Trojans and Achaeans lay their armour upon the ground, while he and Menelaus fight in the midst of you for Helen and all her wealth.
Out Bided Response: You will get this response if you were the winner at one point in time having Lowest Unique bid but are now out bidden by someone else.
US Airways on Wednesday boosted its bid for Delta to $10.
The commander will not know how many vendors will bid or their qualifications.
0 links keyword bid management into the Active Marketing Suite and sets new standards in interface design and reporting," said Rand Schulman, chief marketing officer of WebSideStory.
That's right, if you bid, for example, 27cent and it is the lowest bid which no-one else has chosen, you could walk away the with this fabulous Sanyo system for that amount (plus the cost of your text message).
David Brause, Chairman of the BID and Vice President of Brause Realty Inc.
A successful protest of the BID needs 50 percent of the businesses to affirmatively protest in writing.
To understand the bidding behavior that the proxy bidding system elicits, it will help to first consider how different the auction would be if instead of informing all bidders about the bid history at each point of time during the auction, the auction were a second-price sealed-bid auction (in which nobody is informed about the proxy bids of other bidders until the auction is over).
31 report concluded the ``appearance'' of a conflict at a minimum did exist, because TEC employee Jeff Baize appeared to have worked for the district on property acquisition projects while working on TEC's Belmont bid.
He knew the price was too low and submitted the bid for $1 million more and won.
In my profession, I have met individuals, made deals and [established] contacts over a game of bid whist," says MacFarland.