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Bidh sin a' cumail obair aig garradh Methill ann am Fife agus 's docha Airinis ann an Steornabhagh cuideachd.
She elaborated that the different things on which the couple went green included rings, wedding invites and bidh pouches among other things.
We define the generic model and security model of the cross-domain heterogeneous signcryption (CDHSC) and then propose a CDHSC scheme that proves to be safe under the Bilinear Inverse Diffie-Hellman Problem (BIDH) and Computational Diffie-Hellman Problem (CDHP) assumptions in the random oracle model.
(71) Bidh currently is in exile in Beirut, Lebanon, but occasionally broadcasts recorded messages on southern Yemeni television.
MacCormaic Glamais is tu, agus Caladair: agus bidh tu fhathast mar a ghealladh duit.
After two decades of rivalry between the two Yemeni regimes, with their capitals in Sanaa and Aden respectively, and two wars in which the two states tried by force to impose their own conception of 'unity' on the other ( the north invading the south in 1972, with support from Libya and Saudi Arabia, the south invading the north in 1979), a gradual rapprochement took place in the late 1980s: the lessening of Soviet support to the south under Gorbachev, the exhaustion of the PDRY's experiment in Soviet-style socialism, and the prospect of oil revenues that would boost the economy of both, led Presidents Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ali al Bidh to commit to unity in May 1990.
an gcanuint bhinn Ghaeilge is minice ina mbeal na an greim bidh"
The proposition 'All men must die' is illustrated both by the terse 'Swa sceal aeghwylce mon/alaetan laendagas' (so must each man relinquish his transitory days) (lines 2590b-91a) and the long passage (1002b-8a) (describing how the soul may seek to flee death, but will have to sleep after the feast on the bed of death); the definition of the second passage as proverbial depends primarily on the grammatical marker 'bidh' in the first line (p.
We read wyrd bidh ful ared * Swa cwaedh eard stapa translated by Pasternack, 'fate will be completely fulfilled.
Bidh mo charaid, a tha na eolaiche air na speuran, a' toirt leis ballcoise agus ball teanas a-steach a sgoiltean, 's iad a' riochdachadh na Cruinne agus na Gealaich.