BIDRBlaustein Institutes for Desert Research (Ben-Gurion University; Israel)
BIDRBalanced Inventory of Desirable Responding (psychology)
BIDRBasic Interoperability Data Requirements
BIDRBasal Posthepatic Insulin Delivery Rate
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After the list was established, a cover letter, the demographic questionnaire, BIDR, MEIM, COBRAS, and MCKAS were mailed to the individuals on the list.
Individuals interested in participating were directed to an address on the World Wide Web (WWW) where they could access the online survey that included SRES, BIDR, MCKAS, MEIM, and a demographic information form.
At the follow-up assessment, offenders completed the BIDR to screen for the confounding effects of socially desirable responding on SMP URICA scores.
The BIDR (Paulhus, 1991) was used as an index of impression management response bias.
Sullivan and Scandell (2003) provided further evidence for this revised conceptualization in the relationship between the BIDR and Jackson's (1999) measure of psychological needs.
They were given packets that included an instruction sheet; an informed consent form; an information questionnaire; instructions for completing the instruments; and the two instruments, the ATLG and the BIDR.
The BIDR consists of two subscales, impression management (IM) and self-deceptive enhancement (SDE).
The correlation between this measure and BIDR Self-Deception was small in magnitude and not statistically significant (r = .
In addition, eight were omitted from the analysis because of high scores on the BIDR (Paulhus, 1984)impression management subscale.
The BIDR consists of 40 items states as propositions.
For example, impression management, a subscale of the BIDR, is known to be related to one's sensitivity to relationships with others; likewise, many items on the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale measure respondents' behaviours in relationships.