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BIDSBAA (Broad Agency Announcement) Information Delivery System
BIDSBangladesh Institute of Development Studies
BIDSBusiness Intelligence Development Studio (Microsoft)
BIDSBiological Integrated Detection System
BIDSBath Information and Data Services (UK)
BIDSBuilding Investment Decision Support (green building technology)
BIDSBoeing Integrated Defense Systems
BIDSBid Information and Distribution System (State of Colorado)
BIDSBaggage Information Display System
BIDSBlock Interest Discovery Service (trading system)
BIDSBorland International Data Structures
BIDSBroadband Internet Delivery System
BIDSBroadband Interactive Data Solution
BIDSBroad Agency Announcement Information Delivery System
BIDSBiological Identification/Detection System
BIDSBiological Detection Company
BIDSBroadband Integrated Distributed Star
BIDSBallistic Impact Detection System
BIDSBattlefield Information Distribution System
BIDSBackup Information Display System
BIDSBedtime Insulin, Daytime Sulphonylureas
BIDSBrand Idea Design Studio (Dallas, TX)
BIDSBit-Interleaved Direct Sequence
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He went up to Priam and said, "Son of Laomedon, the princes of the Trojans and Achaeans bid you come down on to the plain and swear to a solemn covenant.
Out Bided Response: You will get this response if you were the winner at one point in time having Lowest Unique bid but are now out bidden by someone else.
9) Kevin Duchshere, "Reverse Auctions Helping State to Find Lowest Bids Online," Minneapolis Star Tribune, February 16, 2004, sec.
Irish Daily Mirror's record of each bid is the official record of bids.
The Long Island City BID was signed into law in December 2004 by Mayor Michael R.
In California, once the municipality has initiated the process, BIDS are theoretically subject to a vote by affected businesses, but the vote is illusory.
To understand the bidding behavior that the proxy bidding system elicits, it will help to first consider how different the auction would be if instead of informing all bidders about the bid history at each point of time during the auction, the auction were a second-price sealed-bid auction (in which nobody is informed about the proxy bids of other bidders until the auction is over).
Bid Management enhanced for both PrimeSite and JobSite
Confronted with Mullinax's report, Romer said: ``The facts that I saw (in the report) were not the facts that I got when it first came to me, and the question was posed to me whether Eastridge's work for us, in the capacity of acquiring real estate, whether it barred them from putting in a bid on Belmont.
I could not get him to understand that he might not get any bids and it was in his interest to re-synopsize.
Bidding takes place in private and, as diagram 1 shows, awards are made at the highest priced bids covering the total auction size.