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Here, we report on preliminary results from two recent excavation projects in Nyanza Province, Kenya which shed new light on some of these issues, focusing in particular on the ceramic, lithic and faunal evidence from the multi-component site at Wadh Lang'o, excavated by a team from the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) in collaboration with the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA), and subsequently by Ashley, and the lithic, fauna and ceramic data sets from the site of Usenge 3, excavated by Lane and Ashley as part of a broader BIEA investigation of the later Holocene landscape archaeology of northern Nyanza Province (see Figure 1).
6ha, and evidence of in situ preservation of deposits prompted further investigation by a joint NMK and BIEA team a few months later.
In view of the obvious significance of these deposits for understanding cultural and economic developments in the region during the later Holocene, and the possible threat to the site posed by planned construction of a secondary hydroelectric plant in the vicinity, supplementary funds were provided by NMK and the BIEA for a rescue excavation at the site in June and July 2001.