BIEMBoundary Integral Equation Method (water flow)
BIEMBureau International des Societes Gerant les Droits d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mecanique (founded 1929)
BIEMBeijing Institute of Electro-Machining (China)
BIEMBaptist International Evangelistic Ministries (est. 1981)
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The BIEM model at that time was intended to be descriptive of both biopharmaceuticals and biomedical devices.
Since this was an initial test of the BIEM model, a 9-point Likert scale was chosen to give an expanded response range to the survey takers.
At the end of all BIEM innovation expertise questions, the survey taker is encouraged to suggest missing innovation expertise of their own, via the question: "If any, list other essential expertise areas that you would include in the Science-to-Registered-Product Life Cycle?
Since longtime industry experience can lead to the development of professional expertise not apparent in educational degrees or positions held, the respondents were asked for their assessment of their own expertise in the BIEM model, and to qualify whether they considered it a primary or secondary expertise.
Given these initial response levels, it was decided that a more in-depth study of exclusively biomedical device aspects of the BIEM model would be performed at a later date, and an assessment of the biopharmaceuticals aspects of the BIEM model would be the focus.
As the BIEM model is based on expertise necessary to the bioenterprise, survey takers should have sufficient industry experience to recognize each expertise in practice, and the lack thereof.
The experienced biopharmaceuticals venture capitalists had a very cohesive response to the importance of the innovation expertise capabilities identified by the BIEM model.
The Interrelation of the BIEM Model Innovation Expertise Capabilities
Comparing the BIEM Verification Study outcomes with the Schueler and Ostler findings, there appears to be both agreement and some elements of discordance.
To perform the conformal mapping with BIEM, the boundary is discretized into 1400 elements, where [bar.
The values of [partial derivative]x/[partial derivative][xi] and [partial derivative]y/[partial derivative][xi] on the top and bottom boundaries can be solved for directly using the BIEM with the improved formulation, and then the values of [partial derivative]x/[partial derivative][eta] and [partial derivative]y/[partial derivative][eta] can be obtained using the Cauchy-Riemann equations.