BIEMBoundary Integral Equation Method (water flow)
BIEMBureau International des Societes Gerant les Droits d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mecanique (founded 1929)
BIEMBaptist International Evangelistic Ministries (est. 1981)
BIEMBeijing Institute of Electro-Machining (China)
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Thus, the simulated and experimental measurements of the complex effective permittivity and BIEM can be used to characterise different media and to determine the presence of inclusions and their concentration in a given heterostructure or to predict the properties of a heterostructure depending on its initial constituents.
CISAC and BIEM, along with IFPI and RIAA, have licensed their intellectual property rights in MI3P to DDEX to enable DDEX to implement and deliver the business objectives of their standards.
We are delighted that the MI3P Project, to which we have been heavily committed over several years, both financially and in terms of providing expertise, is now coming to fruition under the auspices of DDEX," said Ronald Mooij, Secretary General of BIEM.