BIF.Bielefelder Institut fuer Fortpflanzungsmedizin (German: Bielefeld Institute for Reproductive Medicine)
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However, no literature information was available for testing Gessell Figure Drawing Test for BIF.
(14.) Members of the smaller SAIF fund hold more than 2 percent of all deposits insured by the BIF.
For that reason, this article focuses on the second issue in the debate, the implications of Fed lending practices for BIF.
In the present case, with SAIF institutions expected to pay at least five times more per year for the same deposit insurance, this arbitrage means that SAIF institutions will pursue all avenues open to them profitably to move deposits from SAIF to BIF.
The Oakar amendment to FIRREA, which allows banking organizations to acquire healthy thrifts, effectively prevents banks from shifting deposits from the SAIF to the BIF. Therefore, only savings associations not controlled by the banking industry can exit the SAIF.
Extreme Cases -- A few banks that engaged in extreme behavior may have imposed large losses on BIF. Thus, PCA legislation could contribute to reducing BIF losses by constraining the extreme behavior of a small minority of failed banks.
Another significant result of the mapping was the recognition of cemented detrital hematite-goethite outcrops and the presence of pisolitic ironstone gravels which indicate potential for channel iron deposits formed by the weathering and remobilisation of the altered BIF. A separate programme is being planned, to assess the potential for near surface detrital and channel iron deposits.
This exploration was planned to objectively indicate the potential presence of hematite-goethite alteration and resulted in definition of widespread and coherent areas hematite-goethite alteration of the quartz-magnetite BIF.
This target is within a 4.2km strike segment of the BIF. Planning and permitting are underway for a drilling program to define an initial JORC resource at the Mount Alexander Prospect.
The 2,500 line-km (100m line spacing) aeromagnetic survey is designed to identify high grade hematite targets with potential for direct shipping ore (DSO) and large tonnage magnetite BIF. The aeromagnetic survey is scheduled to commence in the next week.