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BIFFOBig Ignorant Fellow From Offally (polite form)
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Biffo was done, and it was Enda who led Fine Gael to the largest party status in the Dail, and into a coalition agreement with the Labour party to become Taoiseach.
But the Radio 1 host insisted there was nothing malicious on his part about the interview adding that he doesn't believe Biffo was drunk while addressing the nation.
Don replied: "If you think he's good you want to hear Biffo Beech!"
ON SHOW: Reggie with trainer Ellie Shurlock watched by fellow sea lions, Biffo and Arthur
As well as entertaining visitors at Knowsley, Max, Biffo and Arthur were able to show off their skills to a national audience last summer when England cricketing hero Freddie Flintoff trained as a sealion show presenter at the park for a TV series on unusual careers.
In fact the more I think about it the more I think Biffo has made the mother of all mistakes.
Yesterday we had a blast from the past when the Biffo that we came to loathe during the crash came before ore the Banking Inquiry.
Golden Crest Jem Racing (Poole): 7-2 Proud Patsy, 5 Pams Tomjo, 7 Coolykereen Hi, Out In Chill, 8 Boris Johner, Hugo You Go, Millridge Major, Trevi You Go, 10 Droopys College, Riverside Jess, 12 Ballyridge Finn, Kilmalady Biffo (e/w 1/5 1,2,3).
New developments at the park included a new pounds 600,000 home for Knowsley's sealion stars Max, Biffo and Arthur, a free-roaming group of marmoset monkeys and a new entrance to the safari drive.
And thanks to a pounds 600,000 project unveiled by Knowsley Safari Park, Max, Biffo and Arthur - the resident sealisons - are all set for a life of luxury.
Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not Bible basher Paisley's attack on BIFFO was planned.
It was the week in which the Public Expenditure Minister revealed Bertie and Biffo are on ministerial pensions worth more than [euro]80,000 hours after warning poorly-paid public sector workers to get real about pay increases.