BIFIInstituto de Biocomputación y Física de Sistemas Complejos (Spanish: Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems; Zaragoza, Spain)
BIFIBibliothèque du Film (French: Film Library)
BIFIBeer Industry of Florida Inc
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El proyecto BIFI lo explicaba al mismo tiempo que desmentia las posibilidades de que el movimiento haya sido planificado por alguna organizacion o formacion de organizaciones:
This is an important step in delivering on that mission and we are excited to welcome the BiFi and Peperami brands into the family.
The same product is made with beef and sold as BiFi in Germany.
Pero las sacas de lana en limpio procedia luego a venderlas a otros mercaderes exportadores, residentes mayoritariamente en Madrid, entre los cuales hubo algunos italianos, como Jeronimo Bifi y el propio Bartolome Arnolfo (78).
Pebyll oedd gan y ddwy arall, a bag bifi oedd gen i - ond y bag oren hefyd rhag ofn.
It's exciting that Trafikverket is now proceeding with a successful research result and carrying out a rigorous demonstration project," says Anders S Johansson, project manager for BiFi at Semcon.
The transaction, whose financial terms were not revealed, includes the Bifi and Peperami brands and the production plant in Ansbach, Germany.
The global R&D centre will develop assembled foods for brands such as Findus, Bertolli, Santa Rosa, Unox, Bifi, Peperami, Du darfst and Flora.
Llwyddodd Luned i osod ei phabell bifi yn iawn am y tro cynta erioed ac mi osodais innau fy mrechdan o thermarest bag pounds 25 ar sach gysgu y tu mewn i hwnnw.
5 Bifi dobacterium as a Delivery System of Functional Genes for Cancer Gene Therapy (Geng-Feng Fu, Yan Yin, Bi Hu, and Gen-Xing Xu)
Am ei bod hi'n benthyg bag bifi go iawn ei mab - math o dent isel i un person a byddai angen morthwl i gael y pegiau i mewn.
Brands popular among Ukrainian consumers, such as Slovyanochka, Domik v Derevne, Frugurt, Doctor Bifi, Biomax, and Chudo, will also be launched shortly.