BIFMABusiness and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association
BIFMABritish Institute of Facilities Management (UK)
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PRODUCTION BY PRODUCT CATEGORY Office Other 5.0% Tables 10.9% Storage 7.0% Casegoods 9.7% Files 8.9% Systems 29.7% Seating 28.8% Source: BIFMA (2014 figures) Note: Table made from pie chart.
In addition to BIFMA's success level certification program, the ANSI/BIFMA e3-2012 Furniture Sustainability Standard was recently revised to include an additional point for furniture products that meet a new, lower formaldehyde emissions limit.
However, working with industry associations like BIFMA is vital to make a lasting difference.
An evolving variety of sometimes conflicting test methods, model office environments, and requirements for modeling volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from office furniture have been specified by various US organizations from 1989 to the present (Washington 1989; US EPA 1996; US EPA 1999; California 2000; Greenguard 2001; California 2004; USGBC 2004; BIFMA 2005a, 2005b; SCS 2005; California 2006).
Compared to short glass-fiber products, this compound delivers superior tensile strength and stiffness at low glass loadings, passing twice the normal load requirement of the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Associate (BIFMA) back test, with no sign of fatigue or failure.
Operator Professional Representative Major Sectors Training Programs Association Primary Lumber (HWD, SOFTWD) Yes Yes Many Panels (OSB, MDF, PB, Veneer) No Yes Many Engineered Wood Products Yes Yes Many Secondary Furniture Residential Yes Yes AFMA Business -- Yes BIFMA Commercial -- -- Fixtures and Fittings No Yes NASFM Cabinets No No KCMA Custom Production Windows and Doors No -- WDMA Flooring In House -- Many Wood Laminated Dimensional Mills No -- WCMA Surfacing -- -- -- Trusses Yes -- WTCA Manufactured Housing -- -- Pallets No Yes NWPCA Architectural Wood Yes Yes AWI Equipment and Vendors Yes Yes WMMA Table 2: Overview of Wood Products Association Training Programs.
The chair construction is engineered for safety and meets all BIFMA testing standards.
Because cleanability is such a concern, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA), a not-for-profit association for the commercial furniture industry, developed the Health Care Furniture Design Guidelines for Cleanability in 2017, which includes a section that specifically covers fabrics.
Lockdowel EClips cabinet construction methods comply with ANSI, BIFMA, WI and AWI Certification standards.
BIFMA advocates for commercial furniture manufacturers on regulatory issues, standards and sustainability.