BIFSBinary Format for Scenes
BIFSBuilt-in Functions (Arithmetic)
BIFSBiologically Integrated Farming Systems (est. 1988; University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program)
BIFSBiotechnology Information for Food Safety
BIFSBlakely Island Field Station (Seattle, WA)
BIFSBackoff Inter-Frame Space
BIFSBenign Infantile Familial Seizures
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Mark and I recognized that the BIFS grant was a great opportunity to encourage Lodi growers and pest-control advisors (PCAs) to collect and use more data in their decision-making.
264 Audio Codification * MPEG-1/2 Layer 2 Data Services * MPEG-4 BIFS * PAD * NPAD * MOT * IP TUNNELING Table 2.
BIFS describes the scene in a scene graph, which is a hierarchical representation of audio, video, and graphical objects, each represented by a BIFS node abstracting the interfaces to those objects.
A typical BIFS screening would average more than 30 viewers, but the attendance for a documentary about Norwegian black metal music called Until The Light Takes Us pulled in 200 punters.
Eleven vineyards participate as BIFS growers and have made available demonstration sites ranging from 3 to 30 acres.
This year, several BIFS Project Growers implemented new sustainable farming practices, which reduced both the amount and toxicity of materials used at those sites.
Growers involved in BIFS projects integrate biological and cultural control of pests into their production systems, provide on-farm habitats for beneficial insects and use cover crops to provide all or part of the nitrogen needed by crops.