BIFSBinary Format for Scenes
BIFSBuilt-in Functions (Arithmetic)
BIFSBiologically Integrated Farming Systems (est. 1988; University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program)
BIFSBiotechnology Information for Food Safety
BIFSBlakely Island Field Station (Seattle, WA)
BIFSBackoff Inter-Frame Space
BIFSBenign Infantile Familial Seizures
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SSIM SURF GLD-SR CLR BIFS LCSIM JPEG 0.9614 0.9760 0.9827 0.9784 0.9810 0.9818 JP2K 0.9764 0.9560 0.9730 0.9768 0.9840 0.9721 WN 0.9694 0.9800 0.9861 0.9777 0.9910 0.9873 GB 0.9517 0.9510 0.9499 0.9737 0.9550 0.9589 FF 0.9556 0.9510 0.9541 0.9662 0.9320 0.9694 w.a.
Janney, "Clues from Fe isotope variations on the origin of early Archean BIFs from Greenland," Science, vol.
The haematite and goethite occurrences are interpreted to result from alteration and enrichment of the magnetite-bearing BIF, particularly in areas of complex folding.
Mark and I recognized that the BIFS grant was a great opportunity to encourage Lodi growers and pest-control advisors (PCAs) to collect and use more data in their decision-making.
"Interactive Data Services on T-DMB Using MPEG-4 BIFS".
BIFS (Binary Format for Scenes) [8] is a complete framework for encoding scene data in the MPEG-4 standard and it aims at providing a corpus of technology to be used by various types of multimedia services and networks.
Kurt Konhauser, a geomicrobiologist at the University of Alberta, and his PhD student Stefan Lalonde, were part of an international team that gathered more than 700 samples of rocks known as banded iron formations (BIFs) spanning almost 3 billion years of earth's history.
Called banded iron formations or BIFs, these ancient rocks formed between 3.8 and 1.7 billion years ago at what was then the bottom of the ocean.
He also led for France Telecom and later Deutsche Telekom the MPEG Systems standardisation committee and developed important standards such of the MP4 File Format, the MPEG-4 BIFS and LASeR standards for Rich Media services.
Streamezzo, the publisher of the Mobile Open Development platform which enables the creation of Rich Mobile Applications that operate on all major mobile operating systems, announced today (9 March) that its Rich Media Client will now support T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and natively integrates the BIFS (BInary Format for Scenes) standard in compliance with the ISO MPEG-4 specification.