BIFUBanking, Insurance and Finance Union (United Kingdom)
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So it decided to train existing staff with the help of Bifu.
Midland Bank negotiates with BIFU on the total wage budget, but does not negotiate on how that budget will be distributed.
In addition to the above surveys, which discuss the use of tests together with other assessment techniques, the Banking Insurance and Finance Union (BIFU, 1991) has reported on the use of tests in the finance sector and the Local Government Training Board (Hughes, 1990) has produced a guide to the tests in use in management selection based on a survey of local authorities carried out in 1989.
Additionally, there were four other unions which increased their memberships between 1979 and 1992, although each of them had larger memberships in 1988 than in 1992: the Banking Insurance and Finance Union (BIFU) by 17 per cent; the Manufacturing Science and Finance Union (MSFU) by 12 per cent; the National Union of Civil and Public Servants (NUCPS) by four per cent; and the National Communications Union (NCU) by a marginal 0.5 per cent.
The scope of recruitment is greatest for unions organizing in a large number of job territories (the TGWU and GMB, for example) and in industries with employment growth and low union density (the BIFU in banking, and the shopworkers -- USDAW).
Mwangi said it was opposed to implementing the check-off system because of an existing rivalry between BIFU and the Kenya Union of Commercial Food And Allied Workers (KUCFAW), which had also been pursuing the recruitment of its employees to their union.
"This leaves Leighton Andrews (BBC), Andrew Davies (Ford), Edwina Hart (the banking union BIFU), Rhodri Morgan (South Glamorgan County Council), Nick Bourne (Swansea Institute of Higher Education) and Paul Davies (Lloyds TSB)."
HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES: Edwina Hart, 50, Labour AM for Gower, a former chairman of Wales TUC, and president of the banking union BIFU. Born in Gowerton where she lives with her husband and daughter.
Ed Sweeney from Kirkby -- general secretary of banking union Unifi, formerly Bifu.
Steve Pantak, of the banking and finance union Bifu, said: 'We are also finding that some customers in this country are unhappy about being dealt with overseas.
Mr Ray Shuttleworth, Bifu's assistant secretary, said: "These results show that companies can still make big profits and treat their staff well.
But last night banking union BIFU warned that such a takeover could result in "thousands of job losses from hundreds of bank closures".