BIFUBanking, Insurance and Finance Union (United Kingdom)
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5% (current accounts) TU recognition BIFU BIFU (75-80 per cent density) Criterion Abbey National Lloyds Bank Market position Profitable Profitable Number of branches 676 1,799 Total number of employees 16,800 65,000 (group) Part-time 4,000 43,000 (retail) Percentage of females in total number of employees 78 P/T 16 Image/culture Remnants of From paternalist "mutual" past to "hard" HRM but new focus: adding "shareholder value" Market share 2.
Thus in the main commercial banks, for example, both BIFU and the relevant staff association, are recognized by the employers.
Four of the top 20 unions converted decline into growth (NALGO, MSF, USDAW, and UCW), and the growing unions continued to grow (UCATT, BIFU, and NUCPS.
UNIFI was formed from the NatWest Staff Association, BIFU and UNiFI.
Andy Colognori, of banking union BIFU, said: "We will be airing this during the annual pay negotiations which are due to start early next year.
The retail banking arm faces possible strike action later this year, following an outspoken attack by finance union BIFU on what it said was a pay freeze for senior clerical workers.
Finance union BIFU says 4,000 banks have shut in the past 10 years, with NatWest closing the most.
Banking union BIFU said the Royal's move was "miserly" and "despicable".
A spokesman from banking union BIFU told Slicker: "This man was running the bank when it lost pounds 250 million in Russia and was caught up in the US hedge fund debacle costing it another pounds 300 million.
It is sad that BIFU should raise such an issue at a time when the bank have just announced they are paying each of their staff a bonus of more than a month's salary, in addition to a substantial Christmas bonus.
John Bankcroft, of banking union BIFU, said: "The Royal is acting like Scrooge.
A spokesman for banking union BIFU added: "It's good news that the Royal Bank is making such profits.