BIG-EUBACnet (Building Automation and Control Networking) Interest Group-Europe (Germany)
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The message presented by BIG-EU has changed over time.
With energy prices rising as the result of carbon dioxide reduction policies, energy efficiency has become an issue in its own right, and BACnet International and BIG-EU's marketing groups have combined their message under the common theme "BACnet: the Standard for Efficient Buildings." This was the theme for conferences in the interclima+elec fair in Paris and Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition in Milan, light+building in Frankfurt, and will be used for the upcoming Big 5 show in Dubai and the Shanghai China Expo 2010, coincident with the next BACnet Forum in China.
BIG-EU and the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI, Association of German Engineers) have for some time sponsored two-day BACnet classes conducted by VDI's Hans R.
Under the supervision of BIG-EU, MarDirect is disseminating BACnet knowledge further than ever through its BACnet Academy ( program, which was formed last year and launched in Amsterdam.
One of the last topics covered in the BACnet Academy is a unique contribution by BIG-EU to the BACnet world: the systematic method of planning, commissioning and documenting BACnet systems called the "BACnet-Project Address Table" or B-PAT (
BIG-EU provides a manual for properly using the B-PAT file called the "B-PAT Description." This manual provides necessary definitions, BACnet addressing rules, special requirements for BACnet/IP networks, the use of the B-PAT in a project from planning through implementation and subsequent revisions, and is followed by detailed information on use of the various worksheets in the B-PAT file.
In 2004 BIG-EU published the first issue of the biannual BACnet Europe Journal, bilingual in German and English.
BIG-EU has also been helping to start national BACnet Interest Groups across Europe, though several have formed independently.
BIG-EU's business office is considering reaching out to other areas of the world, including discussions of formation of a BIG-China, and other possible regional editions of the Journal.
BIG-EU has teamed with the VDI Wissenforum ("knowledge forum," by the Association of German Engineers) to conduct regular two-day BACnet training sessions.
Finally, BIG-EU's WG-M presents several BACnet forums each year in various European cities.
BIG-EU's technical working group, WG-Technique (WG-T), is no less active than its marketing counterpart.