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BIGGABritish and International Golf Greenkeepers Association
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Anybody who would like to know more about BIGGA can phone Glen Baxter on 07717 455409 or email glen.
JDC) manufacturer of the Bigga brand of soft-drink has invested J$180 million in plant expansion that the firm says has allowed its entry into Jamaica's half a billion dollar a year bottle water market, reports The Jamaica Observer (Oct.
Raj Ghai, show director from the Bigga Event Company, said: "Mela 2002 is not only about celebrating the success of the Asian community, it's about the next generation reaching their full potential, so we'll be bringing together employers like West Midlands Police who are on the lookout for bright sparks.
De hecho, la sonoridad intensa de su contrabajo se fundamenta primordialmente en la fenomenal seccion percutiva que encabezan los principales pejes gordos del tamborileo criollo de estos tiempos apocalipticos (el tumbador francofilo Miguel "Anga" Diaz y el poetico pailero Amadito Valdes), cuyos cueros se conectan organicamente con la guitarra funqueada de Manuel Galban y el organo Hammond del jamaiquino Bigga Morrison, entre otras cosas.
Nevertheless, the track simply serves as an introduction to his anxiously awaited fifth album, Bigga Than Life , which once again will take everything to another level when it releases later this year.
Tenders are invited for Constt of road from Bigga Baas Ramsara to Amritwashi Km 0/0 to 8/0
IF you think the sponsorship of The Journal's Open coverage by BIGGA is something to do with my waist size, then shame on you.
Roderick Dyson, also known as Merki, is in the final of the Bigga Fish "Just Talent" UK-wide competition.
Hughes is also a director on the national executive of BIGGA - the British Greenkeepers Association.
Already we have had great music emerging for 2011 in the first few weeks, this week check out one of my favourite vocalists Monique Bingham, inset, and her new track on Bigga called "You.
His acting career fared better though - in 2006, he appeared in Doctors and then landed parts in the movies Stardust and Bigga Than Ben.
Cops found the bottle of Bigga Pineapple outside a McDonalds in Telford, Shropshire.