BIGRBiomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
BIGRBritish Isles Genealogical Register
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7 November 2014 - Canadian technology company Versatile Systems Inc (CVE:VV) has sold its US unit to local customer software solutions developer LLC, the vendor said today without revealing the size of the deal.
His most famous singles include Gwandian Da Dhol that featured Amar Arshi, Ah Ni Kuriyey, Je Jatt Bigr Gaya and Sachiyan Suniyan with Ni Lehmber Hussainpuri, Sat Sri Akaal and Assi Haan Punjabi with Sharmilla, Mitran Di Jaan with LHP, and Aag Ka Dariya featuring Yana Gupta.
Site Name Code County Latitude (WV) (North) Canaan Valley ABER Tucker 39[degrees] 00.930' State Park, Abe Run Trail Canaan Valley BEAL Tucker 39[degrees] 04.273' NWR, Beall Tract Big Run Bog BIGR Tucker 39[degrees] 07.017' Condon Run COND Randolph 38[degrees] 56.540' Canaan Valley HERZ Tucker 39[degrees] 02.268' NWR, Herz Tract Canaan Loop, MAIN Tucker 39[degrees] 04.371' Main Rd.
This year, it established a joint research project with clinical genomics company Ardais that will combine its GeneChip technology with Ardais' BIGR human tissue library and clinical information to study gene expression for the development of new microgenomics array-based diagnostic products.