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Unlike his colleagues in the other parties, Bloc Quebecois environment critic Bernard Bigras was unwilling to speak with Alternatives.
Larah Bigras already has her Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), but the 18-year-old is back at Sudbury Secondary School (SSS) for an extra year to challenge herself, beef up her marks and better her chances at winning a few scholarships and bursaries en route to college.
Pour Harel, l'ecriture de Bigras est bien loin de l'idealisation de l'Amerique en tant que passeur de frontiere, berceau du melting pot, du melange heureux.
These include low temperatures (Howell & Weiser, 1970; Gusta & Weiser, 1972; Christersson, 1978; Cannell & Shepherd, 1982; Greer & Warrington, 1982; Greer, 1983; Sakai & Larcher, 1987), short days (D'Aoust & Cameron, 1982; Greer & Warrington, 1982; Bigras & D'Aoust, 1993; Silim & Lavender, 1994), water deficits (Wildung et al.
Guay, Laurin, Bigras and Fournier looked at the effects of attending an education service (daycare and four-year-old nursery school) on child development and their differentiated effect on children from less-favoured and more-favoured milieus.
Il fut mis sur pied par Julien Bigras et Jean Bosse en 1968-1969 et se poursuivra durant plus de 20 ans.
Lori Bigras has joined the company as a marketing manager.
As familias das modelos nao podem ser acusadas, como diriam Costa e Bigras (2007), de nao cumprirem sua funcao protetora, colocando suas filhas em situacoes de risco (Schoen-Ferreira & Vitalle, no prelo).
Also in attendance were Steven Bigras and Michael Robinson from the Canadian Polar Commission, Dr.
wouldn't be able o direct its focus to Internet, e-mail and software security solutions," Bigras says.