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A subsidiary of the A Dadabai Group, BIHR also offers a Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Swiss Diploma programme.
Keep going, be inspired and be motivated to be transformed to a more focused you," a BIHR spokesman said.
The BIHR is the first private training and education provider in the Gulf to obtain the ISO 9000 (2001) quality assurance certification.
The NHTI has come about as a result of a partnership between the BIHR and Saudi Arabia's Star Holding Company, he added.
BIHR board vice-chairman Hatim Dadabai said the institute is playing a leading role in boosting Bahrainisation in the industry and continues to tailor its programmes to ensure they raise the professional calibre of its Bahraini students to world-class standards.
The International Hotel and Tourism Management HTMi Diploma Programme will be run by BIHR, with progressing students potentially going to Sorenberg in Switzerland to complete their Bachelor's Degree at HTMi, the report said.
The agreement was signed by Dadabai Group managing director Qutub Dadabhai, representing BIHR, and HTMi director and owner Ian Lamour.
BIHR chairman Qutub Dadabai said courses are being conducted as part of the National Project for Tourism Human Resources Development (Takamul) of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).
It is, indeed, a proud moment not only for BIHR but for Bahrain to be recognised from among 120 countries and 1,800 AHLEI licensees worldwide as the leading hospitality education and training institution," he added.
They completed the BIHR programme, sponsored by Tamkeen which spearheads a national campaign to train Bahrainis and provide them with necessary skills.
Under the tie-up, HTMi will create a roadmap to improve the standard of training at BIHR, on par with the Swiss standards and introduce Apple technology in learning and training hospitality and tourism training in Bahrain.
Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail (BIHR) is striving to achieve Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030 and positioning itself as the key driver of economic development," said BIHR managing director Hatim Dadabai.