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BIIBronco II (Ford truck; predecessor of the Explorer)
BIIBank Internasional Indonesia
BIIBritish Institute of Innkeepers
BIIBasic Issue Item
BIIBrevet Informatique et Internet (French: Computer and Internet Certificate)
BIIBermuda Insurance Institute
BIIBioindustry Initiative (US Department of State)
BIIBearing Inspection, Inc. (Los Alamitos, CA; est. 1955)
BIIBicultural Identity Integration (psychology)
BIIBiotechnology Information Institute (Rockville, MD)
BIIBehavior Intervention Implementation
BIIBase Information Infrastructure
BIIBureau of Investigation and Intelligence (California Office of the Attorney General)
BIIBusiness Industriel International (French: International Industrial Business)
BIIBodily Injury Index (insurance)
BIIBretagne Isolation Industrielle (French: Britain Industrial Insulation)
BIIBasic Incident Information (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center database)
BIIBusiness Information Integrator
BIIBorland International, Inc. (California)
BIIBusiness Interruption Insurance
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In place of a guarantee, BII has granted a keepwell and liquidity support deed and a deed of equity interest purchase undertaking to ensure BII HK has sufficient assets and liquidity to meet its obligations under the note guarantee.
BII Trans Tech is the only overseas listed subsidiary of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co.
BII stay with end items throughout their service life, even through turn-in.
With an estimated prevalence of 3% to 4%, BII phobia is a common psychiatric disorder (Agras, Sylvestor, & Oliveau, 1969).
Mark Atherto, Lloyds Banking Group; Chris Hall, BII president; Marlena Eltringham, BRI Asset Management.
Maybank had paid MYR9bn for the full control of BII in a deal considered overpriced by the investing community.
BII-JCB Platinum Credit Card members are entitled to enjoy services provided by both BII and JCBI such as a loyalty point program exchangeable for selected airlines' miles, access to JCB Plaza customer service centers at 61 popular destinations around the world, and frequent promotions at JCB merchants.
Although BII Finance has sufficient funds to back its operations in the field, the issue will help it diversify its sources of financing, Tan told reporters.
The BII linked up with the AFWS in 2010 in order to recognise the fact that pubs offer excellence in food and wine and deserve to be recognised alongside restaurants as such.
BII is proud to have participants from more than 40 countries in these programs.
383 million shares of BPL from Bosicor Corporation Ltd (BCL) in return for issuance of shares of BII or control of BPL.