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Both the BIICL study and the 2016 Commission Report accepted--albeit without detailed analysis--that an unqualified party autonomy approach in line with Swiss and Dutch law was a priori unacceptable.
The BIICL study also contains national reports on both the substantive and choice of law rules of twelve EU Member States.
Subpart A of Part II introduces BIICL and its Judgments Project, upon which the Article draws.
A project of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) casts significant light on this issue.
Nigeria was therefore well-positioned to assume responsibility for managing the joint development zone on behalf of both countries (BIICL Model III), had Sao Tome been willing to accept that arrangement.
Kolasky, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Before the BIICL Second Annual International and Comparative Law Conference (May 17, 2002), available at http://www.usdoj.