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BIIDBody Integrity Identity Disorder (desire for elective impairment)
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Jewel is now sharing her story to help raise public awareness of BIID and to encourage people with the condition to seek professional help.
Dual members can thus use both BIID and APID suffixes beside their name, have the permission to use the logo on all marketing materials, access the members-only area on the BIID website and receive all newsletters.
uk Lesley Taylor is an interior designer, author, full member of the BIID and design director of Taylor's Etc.
Actually, two BIID "patients" found a Scottish doctor willing to do just that and had two healthy legs removed, a testimonial to what can happen when we elevate feelings to ultimate-arbiter status.
Mowr" o Costandi - neuroscientist, science iter and BIID researcher says: "Psychiatrists thought BIID was a fetish forsoenpdasBf Psa lo rese con repbod ong time, but in the past two years brain earch suggests it is a neurological ndition in which the affected limb is not to a posBdiffminor presented in the brain's model of the dy.
While it's hard to imagine adding BIID to the ever-growing LGBT spectrum, the gay allusions in Quid Pro Quo are unmistakable.