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BIIDBody Integrity Identity Disorder (desire for elective impairment)
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Dual members can attend BIID conducted continuing professional development courses.
Actually, two BIID "patients" found a Scottish doctor willing to do just that and had two healthy legs removed, a testimonial to what can happen when we elevate feelings to ultimate-arbiter status.
Mowr" o Costandi - neuroscientist, science iter and BIID researcher says: "Psychiatrists thought BIID was a fetish forPsa lo rese con repbod ong time, but in the past two years brain earch suggests it is a neurological ndition in which the affected limb is not to a posBdiffminor presented in the brain's model of the dy.
While it's hard to imagine adding BIID to the ever-growing LGBT spectrum, the gay allusions in Quid Pro Quo are unmistakable.