BIIRBaylor Institute for Immunology Research (Dallas, Texas)
BIIRBeneficial Insects Introduction Research (USDA; Newark, DE)
BIIRBasic Imagery Interpretation Report
BIIRBrominated Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber
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BIIR is a foreign investor, which currently employs more than 100 professionals in Odessa and aims to grow to 500 within the next few years.
japonicus are being spearheaded at the national level by USDA ARS BIIR in Newark, Deleware, with coordinated participation from other states (e.g., California, Florida, Michigan and Oregon).
INSERM-ANRS and the BIIR have developed innovative approaches for HIV vaccines targeting HIV antigens to dendritic cells (DC) using monoclonal antibodies fused to HIV antigens.
Figure 12 shows that the longitudinal tensile strength of the inner liner made of the resin/rubber composite is more than three times higher than that of the BIIR inner liner.
In referring to those who in Drake's last voyage 'by demeanor ill, hath brought them selves to careful woe' (Biir) Robarts shows the consequences of disloyalty as an object lesson for future journeys, and this didactic function is an important aspect of his texts.
The current project represents another milestone in the relationship between Antitope and BIIR, initiated several years ago when Antitope applied its Composite Human Antibody technology to humanize several novel BIIR antibodies.
For example, a BUR masterbatch containing 1.3 molar equivalents of hexadecylamine relative to allylic bromide functionality involved mixing BIIR (40 g, 6.0 mmol of allylic bromide) with hexadecylamine (1.88 g, 7.6 mmol, 1.3 eq).
On 30th April I left with a lorry and while on the way the lorry broke down in a place called Biir buma and we spent the night with the wildlife officer in charge in the area.
Smith is an insect behaviorist at the Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit (BIIR) in Newark, Delaware.
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