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The paper is based on a presentation and paper that was first presented at the BILETA Conference in April 2006.
Keywords: VLE, virtual learning environment, legal education, skills training, tutor evaluation, BILETA
(5) We are grateful to BILETA for providing us with the funding to
The systems were there, they were demonstrated to students, and even used in a limited fashion by law students, but this was for students to learn about the systems rather than for them to use information retrieval as an active tool in their learning of law (BILETA, 1990; Paliwala, 1991).
In the UK, we learnt from US- CALI and developed the British and Irish Legal Education Technology Association (BILETA), the Law Technology Centre and the Law Courseware Consortium (LCC) (3).
Irish Law, Education & Technology Association (BILETA) (ii),
has been shared or made more freely available, UKCLE joined with BILETA