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BILIBasic Issue List Item
BILIBulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives
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Accordingly, the traffic signal at the junction of Al Wasl and Al Athar Roads will be abolished and replaced by a new traffic signal at the intersection of Al Wasl and Al Bili Roads.
Bili, rescued from a Bulgarian zoo, is one of 90 chimps in the complex.
In the zones de sante (administrative districts) of Doruma, Ango, and Bili, in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, no HAT control activities have taken place over the past 3 decades, mainly because of extreme remoteness of these areas.
A upravo je nacizam primjer sustava koji je, pise Klemperer, >>usao u meso i krv mase pojedinacnim rijecima, izricajima, recenicnim oblicima koje je nametnuo beskrajnim ponavljanjem i koji su bili preuzeti mehanicki i nesvjesno<<.
The Footime Page Turner is a new product from Bili Inc.
I used to be embarrassed if I ordered a bili and it was under 15, but no more; there's been a bit of a slide backward in terms of who gets treated.
The forests in which they've been sighted, around the towns of Bondo and Bili in the far north of the Democratic Republic of Congo, are 500 kilometres from known gorilla populations.
president of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel), a major CLEC trade association, says, "Opponents of the Tauzin-Dingell bili - consumers groups, state governors and public utility commissioners, competitive carriers and Internet service providers - are already working the Senate to put an end to the Bells' attempts to gut the law.
There are any number of memorable projects; from "Alternating Currents" alone came stunning works by Mario Benjamin (from Haiti); Andries Botha, Malcolm Payne, Kendell Geers, Sue Williamson, and Pat Mautloa (from South Africa); Sergio Vega (Argentina); Stan Douglas (Canada); Isaac Julien (UK); Marko Peljhan (Slovenia); Touhami Ennadre (Morocco); Salem Mekouria (Ethiopia); Bili Bidjocka (Cameroon); Shirin Neshat (Iran); Rivane Neuenschwander (Brazil); Teresa Serrano (Mexico); and Beat Streuli (Switzerland).
Bili, built the Interstate highway system, created Medicare, tackled pollution and poverty--we grew faster and we grew together.
Devils lost their first three group games, against Bili Tygri Liberec (home and away) plus HC Davos, before bouncing back in style with two highly-impressive victories.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Bili Blanket For Vk_Nrl Hospital