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BILSBronx Independent Living Services (New York)
BILSBallistic Impact Locating System
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734(d) at the time of an ownership transfer or a substantial BIL under Sec.
However, AJCA Section 833(b) does not treat EIPs as having a substantial BIL under Sec.
704(c), any built-in gain (BIG) or BIL attributed to property before contribution has to be allocated to the partner making the contribution; the BIG or BIL at the time of the contribution is the difference between the property's FMV and the partner's adjusted basis in the property.
The BIG or BIL from the long-term contract is the income the partner would have had to recognize had the contract been disposed of immediately before the contribution, less any gain recognized on the contribution of the contract to the partnership.
704(c) property- if less than all the BIG or BIL is recognized.
704(c) allocations to take into account the BIG or BIL from the revaluation.
166 deduction recognized during the first 12 months following the ownership change due to a creditor position held on the change date as BIL. Under Notice 2003-65, any reduction of tax basis under Secs.