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BILUB-Cell Immunodeficiency, Distal Limb Anomalies, and Urogenital Malformations
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Thus, there is overwhelming agreement between science and legend supporting the Rohingya existence since the time immemorial and they are known as Raksha or Bilu (meaning dark and ugly ogre) in the Myanmar chronicles.
Se os poemas anteriores, sobretudo os de Poemas de Bilu sao, no conjunto da obra, mais interessantes e seguramente mais originais, os textos da ultima fase sao mais organicos e melhor realizados como composicao.
In Lies, First Person, by Gail Hareven (translated from the Hebrew by Dalya Bilu), sisters Elinor and Elisheva have their lives changed forever when Elisheva is sexually assaulted by their uncle, Aaron Gotthilf.
Without denying the presence of the secular aspects of gambling that others have emphasized, I argue that with Trobriand pele'i, the laki of winning and losing is less a matter of pure 'chance' than an ingredient of players' personal esoteric capacities vis-a-vis one another through the recruitment of the powers of bilu baloma 'spirits' thought to reside in Tuma, the invisible world of the dead, and foreign Europeans.
The initial proto-Zionist migration to Palestine in the 1880s--the First Ali-yah--consisted not only of the GMM 7dm (Love of Zion) movement, who were the first to think of the land of Israel not as a mythical place but as a real country that could be settled, but of the equally important Bilu movement, which is not mentioned in the book.
Shenxun Wang wei Hanjian bilu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE INASCII] (Record of the trials of the Wang puppet regime's Chinese traitors).
For that reasons Bilu et al (2006), have studied the factors which influence the behavior of A.
The authors would like to thank the staff of Parkland Hospital who took part in the pilot testing Also, the authors would like to thank contributing team members and colleagues, including Robin Bajema, Kathy Harper, Gay Chabot, Elizabeth Jones, Sheeba Kuriakose, Bilu Mohid, Leslie Echols, Jodi Donovan, and Chris Korsh.
Atif Hanif Bilu, the president of Wholesale Chemists Council of Pakistan, said the offending drugs, namely the 20mg, the 40mg and the IXR versions of Isotab, were withdrawn from the market three days ago.
(42.) Orly Castel-Bloom, Dolly City, Tel Aviv, Zmora Bitan, 1992; translated into English as Dolly City, Dalya Bilu (trans), London, Loki, 1997.
Social workers working with clients who prioritize religious faith in their lives must comprehend their clients' spiritual dimensions and incorporate these into interventions and programs (Abdul-Hadi, 1989; Al-Dabbagh, 1993; Bilu & Witzum, 1993, 1995; Canda, 1988; Galanter, Larson, & Rubenstone, 1991; Johnson & Ridley, 1992; Lipsker & Ordt, 1990; Lure, 1992).