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BILUB-Cell Immunodeficiency, Distal Limb Anomalies, and Urogenital Malformations
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Thus, there is overwhelming agreement between science and legend supporting the Rohingya existence since the time immemorial and they are known as Raksha or Bilu (meaning dark and ugly ogre) in the Myanmar chronicles.
Se os poemas anteriores, sobretudo os de Poemas de Bilu sao, no conjunto da obra, mais interessantes e seguramente mais originais, os textos da ultima fase sao mais organicos e melhor realizados como composicao.
The former period coincides also with time of heightened interaction between living humans and bilu baloma spirits of Tuma who are foci of traditional ceremonies and who partake of the same enjoyments.
Pero al final habian sucumbido a la desesperanza y decidieron seguir los pasos de los Bilu, aquellos jovenes de Jarcov que habian dejado Rusia para encontrar su vieja patria, Palestina, la tierra de la que habian sido expulsados sus antepasados.
For that reasons Bilu et al (2006), have studied the factors which influence the behavior of A.
The authors would like to thank the staff of Parkland Hospital who took part in the pilot testing Also, the authors would like to thank contributing team members and colleagues, including Robin Bajema, Kathy Harper, Gay Chabot, Elizabeth Jones, Sheeba Kuriakose, Bilu Mohid, Leslie Echols, Jodi Donovan, and Chris Korsh.
Atif Hanif Bilu, the president of Wholesale Chemists Council of Pakistan, said the offending drugs, namely the 20mg, the 40mg and the IXR versions of Isotab, were withdrawn from the market three days ago.
Orly Castel-Bloom, Dolly City, Tel Aviv, Zmora Bitan, 1992; translated into English as Dolly City, Dalya Bilu (trans), London, Loki, 1997.
Social workers working with clients who prioritize religious faith in their lives must comprehend their clients' spiritual dimensions and incorporate these into interventions and programs (Abdul-Hadi, 1989; Al-Dabbagh, 1993; Bilu & Witzum, 1993, 1995; Canda, 1988; Galanter, Larson, & Rubenstone, 1991; Johnson & Ridley, 1992; Lipsker & Ordt, 1990; Lure, 1992).
In this translation of Shoshvine ha-kedoshim, which began as a lecture series at the University of Rochester, Bilu (anthropology and psychology, Hebrew U.
Using both psychological analysis to understand the behaviour and motivation of the individuals who created these shrines, and an explication of the changing cultural, political and social milieux in Israel and Morocco, Bilu helps us understand these people, their hopes and fears, and how they see the world.