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McLeod (1994), Hadiwinata (2003), and Siebel (2005) identify two reasons for BIMAS' lack of success, both connected to uncorrected market failure of information assymetry--adverse selection and the presence of moral hazards.
Fourth, banks have not forgotten the traumatic experience in disbursing previous government credit programmes, such as BIMAS, KUT, and KMKP.
Depending on the algorithms selected in the form, the values for the 8 to 10 amino acids are then multiplied (BIMAS) or added (SYFPEITHI) to determine the score for the subsequence.
To support the Bimas and Inmas program, the government set up the Board of Logistics (BULOG) to regulate rice trade.
Experimental peptide binding data and allele specific peptide motifs allow for the prediction and ranking of T-cell epitopes by certain prediction algorithms such as SYFPETHI [46, 47], NetMHC [48], RANKPEP [49], PeptideCheck, [50] or BIMAS [51].
In addition, the assotiation also suggested that credit assistance be given to small-scale breeders not through the plasm but through certain implementing banks upon recommendation from the PPUI and that the Bimas (mass guidance) scheme be adopted in extending such credit.
Binding matrices algorithms return more reliable results, and some of them, such as SYFPEITHI ( MHCServer.dll/EpitopePrediction.htm) and BIMAS (http://, are still used and are part of many prediction servers [56, 65].
FragPredict is part of the MAPPP server (, which takes positive peptides and further analyzes them for MHC binding through the BIMAS and SYFPEITHI algorithms [ 81] (Table 1).